The working principle of hydraulic elevator 液压升降货梯的工作原理

















Hydraulic elevator elevator as one of the more common types of lift, often appear in the field of vision, we know the hydraulic elevator working principle is what?
The elevator consists of walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control structure and supporting mechanism. Hydraulic oil formed by vane pump pressure, the oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, balance valve into the lower cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder piston upward movement, improve the weight, the upper cylinder oil return by the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve back to the fuel tank, the rated pressure through the overflow valve adjustment, pressure gauge reading values were observed by pressure in clay pot.
The principle of
According to the working mode, hydraulic elevator products are divided into curved arm type hydraulic elevator, shear fork type hydraulic elevator, mast type hydraulic elevator, straight arm type hydraulic elevator. Hydraulic elevator is the replacement of folding arm lift and shear fork lift. It can be widely used in station, dock, airport, hotel, post and telecommunications, municipal garden, grain depot, cleaning company, public building facade decoration, decoration or power system installation and maintenance, etc. This type of elevator has the advantages of light weight, self-walking, electric starting, self-supporting leg, simple operation and large operation area, especially for high-altitude work over obstacles.
1: hydraulic elevator elevator can be divided into: four mobile, two wheel traction type, car refit type, battery car type, lifting height from 4 meters to 18 meters. This series of products load from 0.1 to 0.8 tons. Can also be customized according to user requirements, the maximum load up to 10 tons.
2: hydraulic elevator elevator is widely used in factory maintenance of industrial and mining enterprises, municipal construction, hotel decoration, reliable quality, perfect performance.
3. Users can choose power mode and configuration according to their own range of use:
(1) power system: battery dc power supply, single-phase or three-phase power supply, diesel engine.
(2) walk: assisted self-propelled, two wheel traction type, self-drive type, and car modification type.
(3) outrigger: mechanical outrigger, hydraulic outrigger, ordinary hand outrigger, pull outrigger.
(4) control system: explosion-proof electronic control system, remote control system, PIC control system.
5) hydraulic pump station: domestic lifting platform pump station, Italian import pump station.
6 outside for protection device: organ cover type, mesh type, iron plate seal.
2: use
Hydraulic cargo-lifts is widely used in automotive, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical and other kinds of industrial enterprises and filling production line, meet the demand of the rise and fall of various working height, at the same time can be equipped with all kinds of mesa, cooperate with all kinds of control mode, are characterized by their smooth lifting characteristics of accurate, frequent start, large capacity, effectively solve all kinds of lifting operation difficulties in industrial enterprises, make the production operation.
Hydraulic elevator freight elevator is mainly through the hydraulic oil pressure transmission to achieve the function of lifting, its shear fork mechanical structure, so that the lift has a higher stable direction, wide platform and higher bearing capacity, so that the high altitude operation range is larger, and suitable for many people to work at the same time. It makes working at high altitude more efficient and safe.





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